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Out of country must email before buying Please

The Brass Low Profile Lock Down Record Clamp ( LPLD ) makes BIG dynamic changes in the sound. Guaranteed to make a difference in the music. To where you will say WOW. Who would of thought a LPLD Record Clamp could change the dynamic sound so much. The clarity and detail in the vinyl stands out.  Expressimo Audio thatís who!

This is Not a sit on my record weight. This is a precision LPLD Record Clamp. Expressimo Audio LPLD Record Clamp leaves no gap in the music, because the vinyl becomes one with the platter. VTA becomes more accurate throughout the vinyl, because the vinyl is pushed flat to the platter. Low profile mass and screws tight for precision lock down. Made from ,Brass with a Delrin knob.

Expressimo Audio has researched many different styles of record clamps and found that the high mass above the record tends to make it wobble around. That is why we developed a LPLD Record Clamp that will improve great dynamic of sound, tightens the bass, more accurate alignment of the bass, giving you more low level details and also looks great. Once you hear the difference from the old school sit on me record weights to an Expressimo Audio LPLD Record Clamp you will understand why we redesigned the weight. 15 days Satisfaction guaranteed.

VPI owners Look Below Please

Place the Brass shim on the platter. Make sure the top surface of Shim is higher than platter by (.010 / .020 thousands). How to do this is place shim over record spindle and use a ruler ( Straight edge ) on top of shim and look under the ruler to make sure the shim surface is set higher than platter. Once that is done you can place your vinyl record over shim and on platter. If you don't see light under ruler, STOP email me I can send you another shim, You must have the shim surface higher than the platter surface. Please look at pictures for reference.

Grab the Clamp only by the Brass , DO NOT grab by the Delrin knob as it might slip out of your hands.
Place the Clamp on record with one hand ,with the other hand tighten Delrin knob , firmly.
I am right handed, so I grab the Brass clamp with right hand place over the vinyl record and then I hold the Brass clamp with LEFT hand and with right hand tighten the Delrin knob Firmly. Simple :)
You never have to remove the Brass shim. Please do not close the record clamp unless on spindle.

Guaranteed to beat any HIGH END clamp in Sound Quality and materials. You have nothing to lose 100% money back guarantee within 15 days.




 Brian this new Collet works GREAT for VPI Turntables

Collet works like a champ-no damage to threads. As you know, Iím using no platter mat. In my system with the Titan or any of the Avengers, thereís really no need. The shim is in place, the outer ring is sitting correctly on the platter for another 10lbs of mass. The clamp does an excellent job of pressing the record down and most importantly, keeping it level. The outer ring would be needed for a dished record or a badly warped record, and I donít have too many of those.

Thereís no doubt that there is an improvement in performance. Bass is improved and so is top level extension, meaning there is more air around all of the instruments. And, separation is also improved. Now, the Titan uses a massive platter, and the clamp makes an improvement there. So, on a table that uses a less massive platter, I would imagine the results would be more substantial.

Additionally, the clamp is AMAZING on the new Technics SL-1200G, as well as the great Direct Drives of the 70ís and early 80ís. I mean the Technics SP-10 series, Luxman PD-444 and 441ís, Kenwood KD-990, 750, 770, 500, 550, 600, 650 series, Denon DP-57,59,60,61,62,72, 80 series, Sony PS-8750, PSX-70, PSE-4000, TTS-6000 & 8000 series, Yamaha GT-2000 series and any Exclusive (Pioneer Japan series) tables. I used it on the Sony PS8750, Luxman PD-444 and Technics Sl-1200G, and the results are significant with the clamp and the Brass Half Moon Counter Weight. Again, black backgrounds, better imaging, more detail and separation of instruments and vocals. The Sony PUA-1600 tone arm, already a killer, was made better by the Half Moon counterweight.

The VTA Gauge Block set was quite useful in providing an excellent reference from which to achieve proper VTA. Admittedly, I ultimately tune by ear to some extent, but Iím a big believer in first establishing the correct foundation from which to adjust from.

Overall Iím very happy with the product and Iím looking forward to receiving feedback from clients when they analyze it on their own systems.

Regards        Pat


I have been listening to my vinyl with your new record clamp for a few days now and I am very pleased with the sonic improvement it has provided. First let me say that the build quality, materials and design of the clamp is nothing short of world class. Compared to other record clamps and weights that I own, the sound improvement gained with your clamp is very dramatic. The bass response is greatly improved with your clamp. It is deeper and more defined but not bloated or distorted. Tight and clean but with more punch is the best way I can describe it. The singers voice is clearer and more life like. Every inflection of the singers voice is more accurately produced. Mid range sound is very rich and warm. Highs are sharp and smooth with extended decay. The air around the instruments is increased which gives a better separation of the instruments in a given recording. Sound stage is wider and deeper but also at the same time it pulls the listener in closer to the musicians giving a  "you are there on stage"  feel to the recording. Overall the music sounds more natural and alive. The effects this record clamp has on vinyl is not subtle. I think your clamp allows for the best performance of a listener's turntable, tonearm and cartridge. I personally experienced a significant increase in performance with my analog system. I would highly recommend other audiophiles to try this record clamp. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised at the sonic improvements this product can make to your system.  Brian, great product !