Please have a look around and ask questions to brian@expressimoaudio.com
You might be inspired. Might give you an Idea for a cool Mod.
All parts are handcrafted by ME.
This is NO CNC Shop, each part is Designed, Blueprinted and Machined by ME
Email for Pricing and if you would like a custom piece Please email me


Brass Pulleys, for Round and Flat Belts.





Volume and Selector knobs made from OFC Copper
( Oxygen  Free Copper ) and 6061 Aircraft Alum
Also Black Delrin with Brass center and brass pointer








Expressimo Audios NEW
Absorption Disc.
This is a double dampening Frequency Absorption Disc.
Specifically made to be around your gear.
Another words this will NOT SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOUR TT.

Expressimo Audio
Lock Down Record Clamp.