Life time Warranty


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The experience of a lifetime.
Reference Machine is Maintenance FREE.
Unlike my competitors, that need oil changes / O-rings replacements / Compressors / air dries and valves that  can go bad and need the Company to return at more cost to you.
Expressimo Audio has made a Turntable that doesn't need any maintenance. That in itself is worth a fortune. That is where the money is at. Nice to know that a High End Company ( Expressimo Audio ) is thinking ahead.
Just compare the Value in all the time you spend with a  High End Turntable that is NOT working right.

You can order 3 Arm Pods with different remotes.

Remote control VTA/SRA armpod with just a push of a button from the sweet spot. Dial your VTA/SRA up or down .001thousands at a time, or holding the button down. The VTA/SRA you can dial in for the perfect listening experience. Arm Pod also has a dial indicator so when you find the Sweet Spot you can take down some numbers.
Listening for that blend of highs and bass. Moving VTA/SRA high will bring out the detail and crisp sound. Moving it too far you will lose the harmonics, moving it to low you lose the highs. With the Expressimo Audio remote control armpod, you can dial in from the sweet spot and find the sweet spot in the vinyl. You will have so much fun finding the sweet spot in the vinyl. When you move VTA/SRA .001 you moved SRA in minute or seconds of a degree in the groove.

The best thing is free set up by Expressimo Audio in the lower 48 states. You get the complete package. Tooling kit with two indicators, master level, video manual. Expressimo Audio is leaving no stone unturned.

For an additional cost you can add multiple VTA/SRA arm pods with remote control.

Lifetime Warranty on Spindle, bearing, platter, armpod and tonearm . No other company can compare.

Expressimo Audio’s Reference Turntable are forever like the materials they are made from. Expressimo Audio designs, develops, engineers, and machines every part in house and quality inspects for every part. Expressimo Audio brings to life precision , state of the art , turntables, tonearms and other fine products for high end audiophiles.


1, Platter, one piece of balanced Delrin.4" high mass, 30lbs of rotating mass. 4" Delrin is Dense and that is what makes the sound. Specially designed LONG spindle housing. Platter is relieved for lead in groove and record label. Once you hear the sound of a 4" platter you will understand.

2, Plinth, 4" tall,45lbs aircraft aluminum with 3 point adjustable locking feet.

3,First in the audio world, with computerized DC motor. Cutting edge technology. Fine adjustment is an amazing tenth of an rpm at a time.33.3300 and 45.000 accurate timing. True Zero cogging. COG FREE. Precision timing gives the attack of the musical notes. Accurate speed gives supreme detail to the music.

Top of the line Reference DC motor,120 voltage and 220 European power supply. With touch switch technology. No more need for a potentiometer with this Reference Precision computerized DC motor.

4, First in the audio world ,Remote control VTA/SRA armpod. Just a push of the button and you can dial your VTA/SRA up or down from the sweet spot, at volume. Analogue .001 indicator so you can see real time.

SRA Head Shell
Head shell with different angle cut on them.

The Ultimate Reference Machine

6, The one and only Expressimo Audio indicator inspection arm wand, for indicating armpod to platter for precision VTA indication.

7, Mongoose Tonearm. First in the audio world to have each arm wand hand tuned, There is NO other tonearm like this. The Mongoose tonearm has zero tracking force when moving the VTA/SRA. Designed with true science and geometry! Neutral balanced with azimuth adjustment . Mongoose Tonearm has a two piece end weight design, keeping the mass weight at the pivot point. Comes with three half moon weights for different cartridges. Two anti-skate weights. Expressimo Audio’s exclusive proprietary silver wire.

8, Zirconia ceramic
Bearing is a self lubricating design that provides maintenance free operation. The spindle is 60 Rockwell hard. Precision tolerances.

9, Comes with Expressimo Audio Brass Low Profile Lock Down Record Clamp.

10, Set up by Expressimo Audio in the lower 48

Computerized DC Motor

Remote Control VTA Arm Pod
with the Mongoose Tonearm